Kinky Pissing Girls - Kinky chicks filmed pissing

Mistress Nica felt that she had to punish this guy and she did it with her pee. It was brutal and it was cruel but there was nothing much he could have done. He was caught red handed by the mistress and he accepted his fate. He knew what he had to do and why. So he did not have any issues when it came to drinking her pee while she smoked.

When these mistresses felt that they had to pass a message to this girl, they did it with their pee. The mistresses cruelly made the girl lie down and they had fun doing nasty things to her. She had to drink a lot of pee, endure farts and do other things for the sake of it. It was humiliating but the girl had no choice but to do it all.

Mistress Zephy needed to get her pussy eaten and that is exactly what she had happen. The mistress knew that that was not the only thing she would do to him but he did not know. He thought it was and he did his best until he gave her an orgasm. However, the mistress also peed on him and this caught him by surprise. He could not do anything about it though.

When this guy lied, mistress Jardena knew it was time to punish him and she had to make sure that it worked and that he would never do that again. The mistress used her pee to do it and she degraded him in a way he had never felt before. He regretted what he did but it did not help to get him off the hook. He had to sort himself out.

This mistress was done being a hot Santa and she wanted to do some naughty things. She asked this guy to record her as she peed in the shower and she did this while playing with her nipples. She was also wearing sexy lingerie and she looked naughty. She turned the guy on as he recorded her but she left him high and dry and told him to go and jerk off.

Mistress Julia is kinky and naughty. She loves to do all kinds of naughty things and today she chose to try peeing fetish. She did it as this guy watched and he loved what he saw from her. She peed as he watched and he was turned on because he knew she was up for kinky stuff which is what he loved. He wanted to go and lick her pee and her pussy.

This mistress had a neighbor who needed to be tamed and who needed to be punished. That is why she chose to cruelly pee on him so that he would learn that she was not a pushover and he could not just do whatever he wanted to her and think that he would get away with it. He got the message after he had to drink and lick her urine.

Mistress Ella was pissed at the way in which her boyfriend spent a lot of time on his PlayStation as opposed to spending it with her. That is why she chose to do something she had never done before. She peed on it and then waited for him to go and use it. She was planning to feign ignorance on what could have happened. She even set up a camera to see what his reaction would be.

Mistress Zephy is one of those girls who do not need a reason to do what they do. She loves to humiliate people for no reason and that is what she did today. This guy had a crush on her and immediately she knew about it, she had to dominate him and she did it with her pee as well as with her spit. The guy was degraded but could not do anything about it.

This mistress knew her boyfriend had never seen her pee. That made her want to do it even more and she did it without thinking too much about it. She had him record as she took a piss. He was shocked even as he recorded. It was both fun and a turn on for him and it was a lot of fun for her to see his reaction. They had crazy sex.

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